Chill Summer Lofi [chill lo-fi hip hop beats]



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A chill selection of instrumental lofi beats for the summer season. 🏝️ Subscribe: 🤍🤍settlefm 🎶 Listen on Spotify, Apple Music & more: 🤍 Tracklist 🎵 [00:00] Sutton – Botanical [01:40] home grown - wayfarer [03:37] okay cool – paradise in rio [05:21] ikeya – chasing the sun [06:57] Thymes – Sunset Drinks [08:50] Lé Mon – Skipped a Beat [10:28] Another One – Here We Go [11:57] nomar.wav – lovin’ it [13:33] Hazue - Flirt [15:12] Good Enough – Cheeky [16:56] Noji, Revoir – Feeling Good [19:12] Sutton – Refresh [20:59] drowsy - saunter [22:39] wide awake – the good life [24:25] Ninn Tendo – Let’s Fly Away [26:07] Midnight Hour – Chill With Me [28:19] okay cool – wildlife [29:49] ikeya – dreamy nights [31:37] Lé Mon – Brush [33:38] No Catch – Record Collection [35:29] Swiftly, Noji – Sunny Side [37:13] home grown – Formentera [39:09] Sutton - Holiday [40:59] lost but found – amore [42:46] Hazue – Solace [45:01] home grown – hideout [46:44] Midnight Hour – Soul Searching [48:29] Another One – Vagabond [50:22] nomar.wav – underneath the sun [52:02] Ninn Tendo, Noji – Ocean Breeze [54:20] Thymes – From Scratch [56:00] Lé Mon, No Catch – Luscious [57:55] Sutton – The Bookstore [59:28] okay cool – lost without you [1:01:04] ikeya - scenery [1:02:39] home grown – coastal [1:04:27] lost but found – just breathe [1:06:19] Hazue – Organic [1:08:05] Thymes – Free As A Bird [1:10:20] Sutton – Lunch Break [1:12:07] Lé Mon – Sunrise in Paris [1:14:09] Good Enough – Matcha [1:15:48] Midnight Hour – Low Key [1:17:36] nomar.wav – after hours [1:19:05] Another One – Sweet Dreams [1:20:46] Revoir – Antique Lunae [1:22:28] Noji – Exhale [1:24:41] home grown – getaway [1:26:51] swiftly – happy place [1:28:32] Lé Mon – Allure [1:30:22] okay cool – lost love [1:31:59] Midnight Hour, Thymes – Don’t You Worry [1:33:51] Noji – New Me [1:35:41] Sutton – Brighter Days [1:37:23] Another One – Rise and Shine [1:39:09] nomar.wav – rapture [1:41:00] Ninn Tendo – Welcome Home [1:42:42] Thymes – Something in the Air [1:44:31] Lé Mon – Café Con Leche [1:46:18] No Catch – Last Call [1:47:47] Above Below – Midnight Drive [1:49:19] okay cool – santa monica [1:51:00] Hazue – Infinite [1:52:58] home grown – leave the lights on [1:54:56] Wide awake – midnight memories [1:56:45] Ninn Tendo – Crystal Clear [1:58:09] Another One – Arise [1:59:45] nomar.wav – holding on [2:01:22] home grown – End of the Road ~~~~~ 🌍 Reach Us 🤍 🤍 🤍 Thank you for listening 🙏 #lofi #chillhop #chillbeats #instrumental #beats #lofibeats #chillmusic

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Chill Summer Lofi [chill lo-fi hip hop beats]
Chill Summer Lofi [chill lo-fi hip hop beats]
Chill Summer Lofi [chill lo-fi hip hop beats]
Chill Summer Lofi [chill lo-fi hip hop beats]
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2023-12-04 15:01:30

Infinite I.
Infinite You.
Infinite We.
We are Won 🥳♾️❤️
All my infinite love to You, yes, You ♾️

2023-12-04 10:57:13

To anyone who happens upon these words, whether it's the calm of the night or the intensity of exam preparations, take a pause. Breathe deeply, step outside if you can. Embrace living your life genuinely and strive to be the happiest version of yourself. ❤🌌

2023-12-03 06:32:37

I hope everyone reading this comment is doing well during these strange times. I wish you all the best, good luck and stay healthy! ps. I love that kind of sound. It's been helping me fall asleep for years and helps to relieve stress. Thank you very much!

2023-12-01 13:47:44

Love this! Can you do a longer version of the first beat? I was inspired to do some lyrics to that beat. ❤️

2023-11-30 22:09:22

Hey, check out my new lofi song called "Streetlights", head over to my channel and chek it out 🙂

2023-11-30 05:07:01

I can’t stop listening to this one. It’s my absolute favorite. Oh man, soo good

2023-11-29 18:00:27

When you reach kyqpSycLASY&t=43m00s 43:00 ... close your eyes and remember everything will be okay. It will. You can control everything around you..but you can control you. ♡†

2023-11-27 03:07:24

I couldn't agree more! This playlist has this magical ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia for places I've never been and people I've never met. It's like a musical journey to the heart of emotions, where you can feel both solitude and connection at the same time.Listening to these tracks, I find myself lost in a world of beautiful melancholy and longing, yet it's a feeling I can't resist coming back to. It's the kind of music that speaks to the soul on a profound level. Thank you for sharing this gem of a playlist🙏To anybody reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind may clarity replace confusion. may peace and calmness fill your life.

2023-11-23 07:12:03

The way the melody unfolds in this video is simply beautiful. It's not just music; it's an experience. The calming tones and gentle rhythm create an oasis of tranquility. Truly a masterpiece for relaxation.

2023-11-19 11:32:02

ktoś sie podszył bo w nazwie jest "świerzy" a pisze się "świeży"

2023-11-15 15:53:42

kyqpSycLASY&t=13m33s 13:33 . Best part ❤❤❤❤❤🎉

2023-11-15 01:42:54

This mix is gorgeous to my ears

2023-11-06 18:15:09

This is Fantastic, love it so much. Thanks for making this!

2023-11-04 06:52:56

this is what I was looking for..

2023-11-03 23:44:01

kyqpSycLASY&t=52m02s 52:02 which film?

2023-11-02 06:40:56

It's amazing how time goes by so quickly, one day you're in Highschool dying to be on your own and the next you're trying to survive being an independent adult

2023-10-31 08:53:25

If you come here because you need that little bit of peace, let me tell you please don't give up. You have to keep fighting. That stronger, faster, better you is waiting at the end of whatever battle you're fighting. It's not the end. It's only the beginning. You have to get up . Despite the numerous times you've been slammed into the ground you have to dust yourself off and ask "is that all you got?" Because you're strong. Know it. Own it. Trust me, I know. And if you have to go down, go down fighting with everything you've got. Never stop fighting. Please. I'm sure someday we will meet and show our battle scars and talk about how we made it. Sleep easy tonight. You need to rest. Blessings and Love💗💗

2023-10-30 10:42:24

It is great soothing music! thumbs up if you agree

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