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Cedar and Bohemian Waxwings | The Peaceable Flock Birds


The Cedar Waxwing is one of the few North American birds that specializes in eating fruit. It can survive on fruit alone for several months. Bohemian Waxwings, unlike many songbirds, do not hold breeding territories, and they also don't have a true song. Learn more about these Waxwings and some pretty neat facts about them in this video. If you enjoyed this video please help support the channel by SHARING it on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a free way to help me TREMENDOUSLY! I GREATLY appreciate your support and I hope you enjoy the show! Credits: Cedar Waxwing Courtship - Meadow Lake, BC at 3:45 Michael Klotz 🤍 Cedar Waxwing Courtship at 3:55 Minette Layne from Seattle, Washington via Wikimedia Commons 🤍 Bohemian Waxwing at 7:17 fletchershauna via pixabay.com 🤍 Music Cherry Blossom Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍 Other ways to Support LesleytheBirdNerd - Lesley the Bird Nerd Merchandise from Teespring.com 🤍 Lesley the Bird Nerd Merchandise from Bonfire.com 🤍 Donate via Paypal 🤍 Also, find LesleytheBirdNerd here: Facebook Page 🤍 Instagram 🤍 If you have a sick or injured bird in your possession I can not help this bird in any way it is strongly advised to contact a local vet or wildlife official before any decisions are made. It is very easy to do more harm than good when handling any wildlife. For business inquiries, please contact Jamie at lesleythebirdnerd🤍gmail.com For Post Office Box information, please contact Jamie at lesleythebirdnerd🤍gmail.com

Cedar Waxwing


Learn more about this colorful, exotic-looking species that likes to hang out in flocks.

Cedar Waxwing #bird


Saw many Cedar Waxwings on the Crow River Music: Birdseye Blues by Chris Haugen

The Amazing Cedar Waxwing


Fall is a great time to see the ultimate berry eating bird, the Cedar Waxwing. Waxwings consume large amounts of berries and due to their inefficient digestive tracks, the pass through quickly thus dispersing the seeds to various locations. Cedar Waxwings generally travel in medium to large flocks and will settle into an area with lots of natural fruit for the winter and you can attract them to your yard with a heated bird bath during winter. For additional information about Cedar Waxwings visit 🤍 Mark McKellar is a wildlife biologist with over 35 years of bird study experience. He has a degree in Fish and Wildlife Sciences from North Carolina State University and has worked for the Department of the Army, the Wildlife Departments of North Carolina and Missouri. He ran nature centers for many years in Missouri and Pennsylvania before buying the Backyard Bird Center in the Northland area of Kansas City. Mark has led hundreds of bird hikes both locally and abroad. He has taught classes about birds and other wildlife to groups of all ages and brings that knowledge to the customers of his retail business every day. More information about Mark at 🤍 #marksbackyardbirds, #cedarwaxwings, #cedarwaxwingfacts FOLLOW Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Join our monthly e-mail club: 🤍 SUPPORT Visit our website: 🤍 Shop our online store: 🤍 MORE INFORMATION Contact: info🤍backyardbirdcenter.com

Kalei & Corey sample the aNueNue UT214 Cedar Birds


🤍 0:00 “Can you feel the love tonight” 4:36 aNueNue Cedar Rosewood Tenor UT214 w Smoothwound Low G 8:31 aNueNue UT214 w high G stock aNueNue

How To Attract Cedar Waxwings And What To Feed Them


🤍 Learn how to attract Cedar Waxwings. Visit 🤍 for the best bird seed and bird feeding products. We live stream videos like this every first Wednesday of the month at 3 pm on Facebook. Check out our Facebook Page: 🤍

Drunk birds? Swarms of Cedar Waxwings, which eat fermented berries, spotted in North Texas


Cedar Waxwings spend their winters in Texas and sometimes overindulge on fermented berries, causing unusual behavior, experts say.

The Anuenue Moonbird Battle - CEDAR or SPRUCE (CEDAR BIRD vs MOONBIRD)


The battle of Cedar vs Spruce, AnueNue addition as we finally get our hands on the Cedar Bird. AnueNue UT200 Moonbird - 🤍 AnueNue UT214 Cedar bird - 🤍

Drunk birds sober up in Environment Yukon holding tank


Birds in Yukon are having some trouble flying straight these days. Some of them are getting drunk on fermented berries, and even wiping out when they try to fly. The CBC's Cheryl Kawaja reports,that there is something people can do to help. »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: 🤍 Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: 🤍cbcnews.ca Find CBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow CBC News on Twitter: 🤍 For breaking news on Twitter: 🤍 Follow CBC News on Google+: 🤍 Follow CBC News on Instagram: 🤍 Follow CBC News on Pinterest: 🤍 Follow CBC News on Tumblr: 🤍 »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.

Cedar Waxwings Strip a Holly of Berries [NARRATED]


These elegant birdssleek with daubs of bright colorlive on fruit. When a flock of them finds a new source of berries, they strip it systematically, depriving the angry local birds of their stash. PLEASE CLICK LIKE IF YOU APPRECIATE THE MOVIE.

Simple Watercolor bird, Cedar Waxwing painting


In this painting I am painting a Cedar Waxwing. Materials used Arches coldpress paper Princeton round brushes Daniel Smith paints- Lemon Yellow Lunar Earth Burnt Sienna Paynes Grey Yellow Ochre Burnt Umber

Cedar Waxwing - Learn A Bird: Episode #24


What's cuter than sleek, color birds passing fruit to each other? Not much. Episode #24 of Learn a Bird focuses on the Cedar Waxwing. This gorgeous, social bird is often missed by birders because of it's high-pitched calls (it sounds like an insect!) One of the last nesting birds of the year, waxwings are most easily spotted (or heard) as they travel in big flocks in the fall and winter, feeding on crabapple or other fruit trees. Curious to learn more? Watch & Learn...

BirdBytes - Cedar Waxwings, the Ultimate Berry Munchers


#birds Learn about the unusual diet and unique ecology of Cedar Waxwings with biologist Shane Abernethy and the help of some obliging avian volunteers. All birds shown are captured and handled by trained and permitted professionals as part of ongoing scientific monitoring. Filming is incidental to the process and birds are safely released afterwards. Do not attempt without appropriate training, supervision or permits. Learn more about the Beaverhill Bird Observatory! 🤍 Our Facebook page: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram! 🤍 or 🤍Beaverhillbirds

Drunk Bird


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Cedar waxwing bird call / sound / whistle


Cedar waxwing bird call / sound / whistle | song, noise, chirp, trilling, high-pitched | HD video, audio, clip | flock | flying | Habits, Behavior | Bombycilla cedrorum, Zedernseidenschwanz, ampelis americano, Jaseur d'Amérique / des cèdres | 10 minutes, 1/6 hour | Facts, Information, Documentary, Identification | Wildlife, Animal, Nature | #GoTrails, #Waxwing, #birdcall, #birdsounds, #birdcalls, #CedarWaxwing, #birdwatching * All contents were filmed/recorded and edited by GoTrails. All rights reserved.

Cedar-Waxwings getting drunk on Holly Berries


It's migration time! Taking a break in North Texas, getting drunk, leaving with a hangover lol.

Cedar waxwings calling


Bombycilla cedrorum

Polish Cedar Waxwing Drunk Birds


Friends, everyone has seen people get drunk, but have you ever seen a bird get drunk? The bird you are looking at is a Polish Cedar Waxwing The fruit he chooses to eat is an overripe, rotten berry fruit that contains drugs. The bird does not drop a single piece of it, it swallows the whole overripe ganjal fruit whole. After such a full meal, they get drunk and get down on the ground and become unconscious. दोस्तों लोगों को शराब पीकर नशे में टलते हुए तो आपने अक्सर देखा ही होगा। लेकिन क्या आपने कभी किसी चिड़िया को नशे में टलते हुए देखा है? आप जिस पक्षी को देख रहे हैं वह पोलैंड की Cedar waxwing Birds है। वो जो फल खा रहे हैं, ये एक अधिक पका सड़ा हुआ बेरी फल है, जिससे वाईन बनते हैं। चिड़िया उसका एक टुकड़ा भी नहीं गिराते। वो ये सब पका सड़ा हुआ फल पूरा निगल जाती है।इस तरह भरपेट भोजन करने के बाद, वो सब नशे में मदहोश होकर जमीन पर गिर जाते हैं और बेहोश हो जाते हैं। क्या आप पहले कभी किसी चिड़िया को इस तरह drunk करते हुए देखा है? Comment में बताएं Cedar waxwings are medium-sized birds approximately 6–7 in (15–18 cm) long and weighing roughly 30 g (1.1 oz). Wingspan ranges from 8.7 to 11.8 in (22-30 cm).[5] They are smaller and browner than their close relative, the Bohemian waxwing (which breeds farther to the north and west). Their markings are a "silky, shiny collection of brown, gray, and lemon-yellow, accented with a subdued crest, rakish black mask, and brilliant-red wax droplets on the wing feathers."[6] These droplets may be the same color as the madrone berries they are known to eat.[7] These birds' most prominent feature is this small cluster of red wax-like droplets on tips of secondary flight feathers on the wings, a feature they share with the Bohemian waxwing (but not the Japanese waxwing). These wax-like droplets are attributed to the pigmented and medullary layers of the secondary tip being surrounded by a transparent cuticle.[8] The wings are "broad and pointed, like a starling's."[6] The tail is typically yellow or orange depending on diet. Birds that have fed on berries of introduced Eurasian honeysuckles while growing tail feathers will have darker orange-tipped tail-feathers.[9] The tail is somewhat short, and square-tipped.[6] Adults have a pale yellow belly. The waxwing's crest often "lies flat and droops over the back of the head."[6] It has a short and wide bill.[6] The waxwing's black mask has a thin white border. Immature birds are streaked on the throat and flanks, and often do not have the black mask of the adults. Males and females look alike.[10] The flight of waxwings is strong and direct, and the movement of the flock in flight resembles that of a flock of small pale European starlings. Cedar waxwings fly at 40 km/h (25 mph) and fly at an altitude of 610 m (2,000 ft). Cedar waxwings are also known as the southern waxwing, Canada robin, cedar bird, cherry bird, or recellet. The oldest observed cedar waxwing was eight years and two months old.[9] Vocalizations The two common calls of these birds include very high-pitched whistles and buzzy trills about a half second long often represented as see or sree.[9][11] Its call can also be described as "high, thin, whistles."[6] They call often, especially in flight.[9] Distribution and habitat In the branches of a weeping holly tree Preferred habitat consists of trees at the edge of wooded areas, or forests, especially those that provide access to berry sources as well as water. They are frequently seen in fruiting trees.[6] Waxwings are attracted to the sound of running water and like to bathe in and drink from shallow creeks. In urban or suburban environments, waxwings often favor parkland with well-spaced trees; golf courses, cemeteries, or other landscaping with well-spaced trees; bushes that provide berries; and a nearby water source such as a fountain or birdbath. Also look for them near farms, orchards, and gardens, particularly ones with fruiting trees or shrubs.[6] Outside the breeding season, cedar waxwings often feed in large flocks numbering hundreds of birds. This species is nomadic and irruptive,[12] with erratic winter movements, though most of the population migrates farther south into the United States and beyond, sometimes reaching as far as northern South America. They will move in huge numbers if berry supplies are low. Rare vagrants have reached western Europe, and there are two recorded occurrences of cedar waxwing sightings in Great Britain. Individual Bohemian waxwings will occasionally join large winter flocks of cedar waxwings. #southernwaxwing #Canadarobin # cedarbird #cherrybird #recellet #cedar #drinkbird #drunkbird 🤍AyE_sciEncE

Simple Cedar Bird House || For $3


Description In this woodworking tips video I’ll show you how to make a simple cedar birdhouse for $3 in materials. Making a birdhouse is a fun beginners woodworking project. To help you build this cedar birdhouse, I’ve included a link for woodworking plans. This DIY birdhouse is a fantastic homemade gift for christmas or for any other holiday. I’ll go into detail about the bird house and even give some good woodworking tips along the way. To show you shouldn't need fancy tools, I’m going to do all of this build with basic woodworking tools. I’ll be using a Ridgid drill, a Ridgid jigsaw, a Bostich brad nailer and a Makita circular saw. You can also do a lot of this with you table saw, if you have one. Be sure to head over to my website for all sorts of plans for woodworking projects, table saw jigs and homemade games. Bird house plans 🤍 Amazon links (help support my channel) Ridgid jigsaw- 🤍 Ridgid sander- 🤍 Milwaukee reciprocating tool- 🤍 Titebond 3 wood glue- 🤍 Bostich 18 gauge brad nailer- 🤍 Makita circular saw- 🤍 Odies super duper oil- 🤍 Woodworking Jig Plans, Apparel & Blogs 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Music Provided by Tyler M. Check out his Channel! 🤍 Video Chapters 0:00 Intro 0:10 Materials/tools 0:35 Cut pieces to plans 1:23 Drilling the hole 1:57 Pre sand before assembly 2:03 Assembly 2:56 Install clean out 3:26 Fill hole and finish sand 3:37 Apply finish 3:55 Methods to hang the bird house 4:06 Closing #howidothingsdiy #woodworking #beginnerwoodworking #woodworkingplans #birdhouseplans

Adding An Exterior Finish To The Cedar Bird Feeder


In this video, Phil completes the Cedar Bird Feeder project by adding a long lasting outdoor finish that will keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Check out the build video for the Cedar Bird Feeder here: 🤍 Get the step-by-step plans to build this Bird Feeder here: 🤍 Find out more about Old Masters Ascend Exterior: 🤍 Subscribe to Woodsmith to receive tips, plans, projects, and techniques both in print, and in video. It’s all at 🤍woodsmith.com. Follow us at 🤍 🤍 #woodsmithmagazine #woodworking #birdfeeder #woodworkingproject #weekendwoodworking #woodworkingplans #outdoorwoodworking #woodsmithshop #diy #birdfeederplans

Building a cedar bird feeder


I make these bird feeders out of cedar fence pickets or 1 x 6 boards for a paintable version. These are a great afternoon project for kids to enjoy nature. Measurements: 12” x 5 1/4” (2, roof) 9” x 5 1/4” (2, sides) 10” x 5 1/4” (1, bottom) 10” x 2 1/8” (2, lip)

Cedar Waxwings HD- Canon 7D


A flock of Cedar Waxwings feeding in Tompkins County, New York, along Sapsucker Woods Road. The clip's original audio is muted and replaced with the Stokes' recording of cedar waxwings (hence the yellow warbler singing in the background in "November").

Building a Deluxe, Cedar Bird Feeder With Copper Roof


You can get the step-by-step plans to build this Bird Feeder here: 🤍 This elegant bird feeder is the perfect addition to any yard. The cedar siding and copper roof give it old-world charm. The construction of the birdhouse is the perfect weekend project. Build one, or many. At the end of the day, you'll have a handsome addition to your yard. Find more info about the process to mount the feeder and refill it here: 🤍 *This video is an excerpt from the Woodsmith Shop, Episode 1411: Bird House & Feeder. This episode originally aired on PBS in November 2020.* Subscribe to Woodsmith to receive tips, plans, projects, and techniques both in print, and in video. It’s all at 🤍woodsmith.com. Follow us at 🤍 🤍 #woodworking #woodowrkingproject #woodworkingplans #woodsmith #woodsmithshop #woodsmithmagazine #woodsmithplans

ukulele TV aNueNue Moon bird vs Cedar bird


Ukuleleplein TV 🤍ukulelewithgaby op de koffie! Ik maak stel haar snel even een paar vragen over de Moon Bird en de Cedar bird van aNueNue ukulele's

How to Make a Simple Cedar Bird Feeder


In this video I'll show you how I make a very simple Bird Feeder. This is my design and Ive sold quite a few of them. They l have a lot of space to get creative decorating with designs and paint. I generally wood burn images on the feeders with a splash of outdoor color paints i buy at Walmart. Shop Tour Video: 🤍 Craft Market Part 2 Video: 🤍 Facebook page: 🤍 Instagram page: 🤍

Waxwing Waxwings in my Hand


Wild Bohemian Waxwings eating apples from my hand.See more: 🤍 Video taken on my hand held Lumix pocket camera in my other hand. location: Auld Haa House, Fair Isle, Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK. ZE2 9JU see my Fair Isle Blog for more info: 🤍

Discovering the Bandit Bird, the Cedar Waxwing. #shortsvideo #birds #fyp #shorts


Cedar waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) are a species of migratory bird found in North and Central America. They are small to medium-sized birds, with a length of around 6-7 inches and a wingspan of 11-12 inches. Cedar waxwings are named for the waxy red tips on their secondary feathers, which resemble drops of wax. They have a distinctive black mask around their eyes, a pale yellow belly, and a sleek, gray-brown plumage. Cedar waxwings are social birds and often gather in large flocks during the non-breeding season. They are primarily frugivorous, meaning they primarily feed on fruit, but also consume insects during the breeding season. Their favorite fruits include berries, cherries, and other small fruits. They have a unique digestive system that allows them to digest the wax found on the surface of fruits, which provides additional nutrition. Cedar waxwings are found throughout most of North America, ranging from southern Canada to Central America. They typically live in forested areas and riparian zones, but can also be found in suburban and urban areas where there is suitable vegetation and fruiting trees. During the breeding season, they prefer to nest in deciduous trees and shrubs, often near water sources. Overall, Cedar waxwings are known for their distinctive appearance, social behavior, and frugivorous diet. They are a beloved bird species among birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts, and can often be spotted in parks, gardens, and other areas with suitable habitat. Watch the full video on our YouTube Channel. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Explore Nature in the Kawarthas 4K" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Cedar Waxwing Eating Fruit


A Cedar Waxwing eats fruit from a tree. #birds #wildlife #nature

Wild Cedar Waxwing Bird Feeds Babies On Human


These wild cedar waxwing fledglings were found sitting in the grass in a nearby children's park. The parents may have urged them out of the nest, but they were unable to fly, climb much, or feed themselves so they may have possibly been knocked out by something else. The nest was far too tall to reach so I made a make-shift nest out of a basket, dry leaves, grass, and ribbon to tie it into the tree. Before I was able to put the nest into the tree, the parents came for a visit and decided to feed the babies while I was hanging on to them. This was a completely wild bird! I did not catch this on camera, but one of the parents flew down from the tree and sat on my hand to feed the baby that I was holding. It was a great experience! It is a common misconception that when a human handles a baby bird the parents will not come back to care for it. I have had experience raising domestic birds and have done much research on the subject. If you find a baby bird, these are some guidelines to follow: 🤍 *

How to Make a Bird Feeder // Woodworking | I Like To Make Stuff


I wanted to replace an old, dingy bird feeder with a new one! TOOLS & SUPPLIES (affiliate links): 🤍 🤍 Glass Cutter: 🤍 Springs: 🤍 Now that I live in my grandad's old house, I find tons of his woodworking projects around. One that we really enjoy is this big bird feeder right outside our dining room. He made it a while back, and it's a little worse for ware, so I thought it was time to remake my grandad's design with some fresh materials. If you've ever taken a shop class in school or done a woodworking project as a child, there's a pretty good chance you've made a birdhouse. Wood selection may not have been a priority, probably using cheap pine boards from the home center. Whatever wood choose must be able to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. My research has shown that the cedar bird feeder shouldn't be finished with anything, unless you wanted to paint it. I thought some spar urethane or protective coating was necessary, but many, many opinions pointed to leaving the cedar bare and letting it resist the weather like it should. I purchased some cedar 1x4s from the home center to make this bird feeder. My grandad's design required mostly wide, flat boards to make up the roof, walls, and base, rather than dimensional planks. In order to get those flat panels, the 1x4s had to glue together on the short sides. Typically, pine 1x4s shrink as they dry and original 90 degree cuts end up rounding over. To remove these soft and distinct edges you can use a jointer or a table saw to create a flatter face appropriate for panel making. Cedar doesn't shrink in the same way when drying, so these short faces were pretty flat and clean. To join the boards together, I simply used a biscuit jointer to keep the 1x4s aligned during glue-up. I cut and glued the sections that would become the roof, the two walls, and the bird feeder's fenced-in floor. I didn't have any dimensions or plans to go by, I just used my grandad's existing bird feeder and tried to replicate it as best I could. Using some double-sided tape to keep the wall pieces together, I cut them both with the circular saw to form their final shape. The two roof panels just needed a simple bevel on one edge so when glued together, it matched the pitch of the roof. To find the roof pitch, I simply used the cutoff pieces from the side walls and set my table saw blade to that angle. I then cut a small dado in the sides of each wall panel so that glass walls could slide into place. The two remaining walls will be made of glass panes so that you can see how much bird seed is left in the feeder. I had some left over pieces of glass, but they were too big for this project and needed to be cut down. I used a hand-held glass cutter with a straightedge to score some nice clean lines on a few sheets of glass. After applying some slight pressure at the edges, the glass snapped along the score lines and the remaining walls were ready to be slid into place. I cut some small spacers out of scrap cedar to stop the glass walls from hitting the base panel. This gap will allow the bird seed to spill out the bottom but create enough of a jam that the seeds will trickle out over time. Now that the roof is all glued up, the walls have been cut, and the base panel had a small retaining wall added, it was time to assemble the feeder. I attached the wooden walls to the base panel using glue and screws from the underside. I went outside and took down the old bird feeder from its post and removed the old mounting screws. Using some new outdoor decking hardware, I screwed the updated bird feeder's base onto the post. Once mounted, I slid in the two glass pieces onto the small spacers. I didn't want the roof to be permanently fixed, so I connected the roof to the side walls using some hooks and springs. This system will allow me to easily slide the roof on and off again while being strong enough to stay in place during high winds. The bid feeder was fully assembled. The only thing left to do was to add a whole bunch of bird seed and this project was done. MUSIC: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Check out my TopVideos!: 🤍 Learn 3d modeling, get digital plans, and cool merch at 🤍 Want to support ILTMS? Get exclusive content and more... 🤍 FOLLOW: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #ILikeToMakeStuff How to Make a Bird Feeder // Woodworking | I Like To Make Stuff 🤍 I Like To Make Stuff 🤍

Cedar Waxwing Calling


The call of the Cedar Waxwing is sort of a soft high-pitched "bzee" or whistle sound. Not a boisterous bird, but a gorgeous songbird that I don't see that often in either Florida or North Carolina. It is unusual for one to stay at the peak of a cypress tree and call for so long. They are social birds - it may be looking and listening for others. ✷AMAZON - my Backyard shop with products I've bought, use and recommend for making videos, photos and enjoying Nature! 🤍 New HD videos uploaded frequently. Subscribe at: 🤍 More info at: 🤍 #MyBackyardBirding

Cedar Bird Feeder Build (Made from 1 board + plexiglass)


Materials: Cedar 1x12x8' (x1) Plexiglass sheet 24" x 48" (x1) Hinges (x2) Eye bolts (x2) Tools used in this video: Bostitech nail gun: 🤍 Dewalt miter saw: 🤍 Jorgensen clamps: 🤍 Speed square: 🤍 Festool track saw: 🤍 Cut list: Bottom - 18" Sides - 14" - measure 2" down from the top, connect to the middle, then measure 3" in from the bottom, connect to the 2" mark earlier Roof - 22" Apron sides - rip 1.75" off the roof Apron short sides - width of the 1x12 cut 1.75" tall Filmed with a GoPro Hero 6 Black, edited in iMovie. Check out more of my work on Instagram (MMCC_Woodshop). Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe for more, leave a comment and let me know what you think of this video! DISCLAIMER The following content is for entertainment purposes only. Woodworking and using power tools can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. YOU (the viewer) are fully responsible for understanding proper use of tools, as well as the safety features of each. I highly suggest reading the owners manual and/or watching how-to videos on the tools. I (MMCC_Woodshop) am not responsible nor liable for any injury, death, or handing of the tools you may use, nor do I assume to display the proper handing of as a demonstration. Please use extreme caution when working with any power tools. - Matt

Cedar Waxwing Bird Song, Call, Chirp, Sound, Voice - Ampelis Americano Canto - Bombycilla Cedrorum


Cedar Waxwing Bird Singing, Calling, Chirping, Sounds, Voices. Find the best animal sounds on the channel. Enjoy this beautiful sound and all of the channel. Tell us which is your favorite animal and which one you would like to add to the channel. #CedarWaxwing​ #BirdSound​ #BirdCall​ #BirdChirping​ #BirdCalling #BirdSong #AmpelisAmericano

THIS IS THE SHOEBILL STORK! #shorts #shoebillstork #youtubeshorts


Subscribe to my channel for more! :) Meet Sushi, the Shoebill Stork, otherwise known as Balaeniceps rex. The shoebill stork is an impressive and dinosaur-like bird found in Uganda. Sushi lived at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe and was rescued by their team after locals set fire to the wetlands. 🚙 _ 📺 TV SERIES 👉 🤍bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m000n1cw/one-zoo-three 📰 YOUTUBE 👉 🤍youtube.com/channel/UCiFLqpb3CwRkCTfFql1O6lg 🎥 TIKTOK 👉 🤍tiktok.com/🤍camwhitnall 📸 INSTAGRAM 👉 🤍instagram.com/camwhitnall 📲 TWITTER 👉 🤍twitter.com/camwhitnall _ GEAR I USE: Main Camera: Nikon Z9 Second Camera: Nikon V30 Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm, 70-200, 100-400mm _ Did you enjoy this video? I'd really love to know your thoughts in the comments below.👇🏼 Thank you!! #shorts #harrypotter #shoebillstork #dinosaur I am Cam Whitnall, a 27-year-old from Hertfordshire, England, and I live and work at my family's zoo and the sanctuary, Paradise Wildlife Park & The Big Cat Sanctuary! I've grown up around wildlife my entire life, and I want to share with you what I get up to at both charities and for conservation worldwide! So if wildlife means the world to you, get involved and subscribe to my channel 👉 🤍 #wildlife #harrypotter #dinosaur #conservation

Bird Feeders: Building Cedar Bird Feeders


This year, instead of traditional VBS, our church had a two-day event for all ages called Family Faith Fest. They asked me to teach two workshops for the children on wood working. I decided that we would make bird feeders. I pre-assembled them in my shop and then partially disassembled them so that each class of children could put one together. Filmed on the iphone 10 with the iphone camera stand. Logo design by Brandon Kettle. Video music is "Birds in Flight", "Glen Canyon", and "Hiitop", all by Dan Lebowitz.

The Ultimate Bluebird-watching experience: a Cedar Birdhouse with a Wireless Camera Inside


The Ultimate Bluebird-watching experience: a Cedar Birdhouse with a Wireless Camera Inside Please subscribe to this channel if you enjoy the content. GIVEAWAY/ CONTEST OFFICIAL RULES: What You Win: Cedar Bluebird Birdhouse with Wireless Camera How to Enter: Submit form with your email. (Link removed since contest is over) Official Rules: - This Giveaway is free to enter - This Giveaway OPENS at [10 AM EST on November 24, 2022] - This Giveaway CLOSES at [Midnight EST on December 18, 2022] - The winner will be chosen randomly from the submitted entries at 9 AM EST on December 19, 2022 and the winner will be announced in the pinned comment of this video. - Winner must contact us by December 25, 2022 or winner will be disqualified. - Any information collected from this Giveaway will be used solely for delivering the prize to the winner and announcing future giveaways. You can opt out of future announcements. - This Giveaway complies with the Youtube Community Guidelines and entries that do not comply will be disqualified. 🤍 - This Giveaway is not associated or affiliated with Youtube. Youtube is not a sponsor of this Giveaway. - By participating in this Giveaway you release YouTube from any liability directly related to this Giveaway. To Purchase a Birdhouse without Camera see details at 🤍 Birds Walking Down TeeSpring store: 🤍 Birds Walking Down Amazon Store - 🤍 Birds Walking Down Website - 🤍 NOTE: To help support the creation of these videos, this description contains affiliate links, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Watercolor Bird | Cedar Waxwing Bird Illustration


Hello! I’m Allison, and I create art inspired by nature and flowers. Welcome to my YouTube channel! In this video I’ll be painting a watercolor bird illustration ~ the Cedar Waxwing. I’m currently doing a 100 day watercolor challenge to practice and learn watercolor, and this painting is for day 12. The Cedar Waxwing resides in North America. They love berry bushes, woodlands, and rivers. And they’re actually one of the few birds in North America that mainly eat fruit. This is actually the first watercolor bird I’ve ever painted! Let me know what you think and if you have any watercolor tips as I am learning watercolor. ⋆⋆⋆Don’t forget to subscribe if you’d like to see more videos from me! New videos weekly.⋆⋆⋆ ♡♡♡ FREEBIE! ♡♡♡ Join my weekly newsletter and receive a FREE print download of my poppy painting “Poppies 2” 🤍 ♡ SHOP & WEBSITE ♡ ► 🤍 ♡ FOLLOW ME ♡ Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Pinterest ► 🤍 ♡ Watercolor Supplies I Used ♡ Decadent Pies Prima Marketing Pan Set ► 🤍 Neptune Brushes ► 🤍 Metallic Accents Prima Marketing ► 🤍 Masking Fluid ♡ MUSIC ♡ 🤍 🤍 Aljosha Konstanty has been so kind to let me use his music in my videos. Here's his YouTube channel if interested: 🤍 #watercolorbird #birdillustration #birdpainting

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