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Sit back, take in the beautiful view and enjoy the finest selection of chill instrumental lofi hip hop to calm your soul and ease your mind 😌 💿 Get the Limited Edition, "College Music Presents: In The Loop" Compilation on Vinyl → 🤍cmrecords.co.uk/itl-vinyl 💌 Join the College Music Newsletter! → 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/newsletter 🎼 Listen to the playlist on Spotify, Apple Music & more! → 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/lofi ✅ Listen to our latest YouTube upload here: → 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/latest-upload 🎶 Check out our latest label release (free to use for content creators): → 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/new-label-release 💬 Join our Discord Server! (Over 15,000 + members) → 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/discord ☕ | Buy us a coffee over on Ko-Fi 💙 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/coffee ▶️ YouTube Lofi Playlist - 🤍bit.ly/YouTubeLofiPlaylist Following on from a successful quarantine, the boy studying in his bedroom overlooking the Nepalese mountains, our story enters a new chapter... We have teamed up with lofi producer, sagun on these stunning animations from his latest EP, alpenglow which is part of the full visual listening experience made by Studio Showoff. Listen to the "alpenglow" EP by sagun here: 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/alpenglow Follow sagun: Spotify: 🤍spoti.fi/39wW16J Soundcloud: 🤍soundcloud.com/iamsagun Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/iamsagun Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/iamsagun Facebook: 🤍🤍facebook.com/officialsagun Connect with us here 💜 Instagram » 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/instagram TikTok » 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/tiktok Twitter » 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/twitter Facebook » 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/facebook Soundcloud » 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/soundcloud Spotify » 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/lofi Snapchat » 🤍collegemusic.co.uk/snapchat Subscribing (with notifications 🔔 turned on) & liking the stream helps so much 💙 + If the stream goes down you'll get notified the new link immediately! Useful Chat Commands: !song » Displays the current song playing !donate » Help us keep the stream going! !weather enterlocation » Tells you the weather at the location specified !share » Generates a Twitter link to share !social » Shows College Music social media links !subscribe » Gives you a link to subscribe to our channel !contact » Stream not working? Let us know !rules » Help familiarize yourself with our chat rules !hug » Need a hug? !funny » Our bot's funniest quote of the day ✖ Background and animation by 🤍🤍instagram.com/studioshowoff #lofimusic #studymusic #lofihiphopbeats #nujabes #dilla #beattape #radio #coffee #study #lofi #LofiBeats #lofihiphop #ChillBeats #chillhop #jazz #lofihiphop

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