Memories with kids 😅 #mtb #pumptrack #dirtjumper #mtblife #anatoly_brv ""



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Memories with kids 😅 #mtb #pumptrack #dirtjumper #mtblife #anatoly_brv
Memories with kids 😅 #mtb #pumptrack #dirtjumper #mtblife #anatoly_brv
Memories with kids 😅 #mtb #pumptrack #dirtjumper #mtblife #anatoly_brv
Memories with kids 😅 #mtb #pumptrack #dirtjumper #mtblife #anatoly_brv
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2023-12-08 05:39:01

There should probably be designated times when little kids arent allowed on these tracks

2023-12-08 05:21:04

В конце специально бы наехал

2023-12-08 04:36:36

Почему эти дети не на площадке для детей ??? Что в голове у родителей идиотов....

2023-12-08 04:29:00

There needs to be an age restricted park.
For small children's safety.

2023-12-08 04:23:42

It’s what you get for having a childish hobby

2023-12-08 04:19:53

kids wanna play more then u, go to work bro😅

2023-12-08 03:36:10

Maybe dont be there at the same time? Like a different leagues?

2023-12-08 03:00:46

Nice thanks for not breaking yourself and others

2023-12-08 02:25:42

- вы чо больные

2023-12-08 02:01:26

Kids just being kids its the parents to blame if anyone is disturbed about the kids

2023-12-08 00:38:33

These kids are so annoying like I’m trying to ride my bike and the suicidal kids are just like 💃in the middle of the ramp and then the parents blame me.

2023-12-08 00:34:17


2023-12-07 23:41:20

I'm just imagining how much worse this would go if a novice like myself were on that track

2023-12-07 22:53:08

Kids now need to be taught awareness, common sense, and how to avoid danger. Apparently that new form of parenting called “not-parenting” isn’t working out so well.

2023-12-07 22:48:43

Kids should not be on the track unless riding the course, should be enforced too

2023-12-07 22:45:49

Young kids really dont belong at skate parks, especially not by themselves.

2023-12-07 22:30:55

Dont play with kids then, go during the week or when its quiet not peek hours to get excuses to complain

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