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🥁 Welcome to Melodies Zone! 🎶 Melodies Zone is music project, label and promoter that brings together modern takes on nostalgic sounds from retro games & pop culture! Focusing primarily on cover songs from yesteryear, listeners can expect to hear covers of classic tunes they love through various genres such as lofi, metal and EDM 🤘 We love new takes on classic tunes, which is why we not only bring new covers to life, but also spread the love of other great artists music and ensure more people get to hear it! We work with many talented musicians on collaborations for albums, while also promoting our favorite tunes through mixtapes, live radio and playlists. Whether it be 24/7 live music to help you sleep, upbeat mixtapes to get you in the zone or just wanting to hear a playlist featuring remixes from your favorite games, we hope there is something for everyone! 🙂 Thanks for checking out the channel, and be sure to join the community below :)

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Sonic Lofi Remix

Sonic Lofi Remix

Melodies Zone
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